Reconnect and Profit

The 5 Key Ways to Connect Your Business for Growth, Profit and Fun


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WTF is Marketing?

Our experience shows us that many clients are dabbling in marketing with various levels of success. In reality most owners/businesses have some sense of what marketing is but not necessarily a plan/focus of what to do or a process to evaluate. 


State of the Nation

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How Strong in your Business

At Immersion we’ve been round long enough to see a variety of broad, and bland, ‘health checks’ that would profess to diagnose where you’re at and what you should do next.


We like to go slightly deeper so have a look at the following 5 areas of your business (we deal with marketing separately) and see how you do.



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Know your Numbers

At Immersion we do not compete with accountants – we know we support and add value to the work that they do.


In every single client engagement we start with not just understanding the numbers/key metrics but also shaping a financial strategy and plan to support the health and wealth of the business.