So what are the next steps?

What do we do first?

This is simple. Let's just catch up for a coffee. I don't know you, you don't know me. So let's see if we actually like each other’s company.

We can casually chat about you and your business and I will ask a few questions.

If we both feel we can see that it is worth moving to the next stage, we can meet again.

Then what?

I go away and work on whether I can help you or whether there are issues that I don’t have the expertise to help. I do some research around your business just to make sure my initial thoughts align with reality.

Prepare a proposal

Only if I believe I can help and add value to your business will I prepare a proposal for you to have a look at. It outlines what my thoughts are, where I think I can help, what tools we will use to help, and the investment needed.

Only now do you have to make a decision

It is only now that you may decide whether you want to work together or not.

Let's get started

Now the fun and hard work begins. or 021-960-801