Dynamic Sport

Re-Engineered a ten year old catalogue selling business to a more sustainable business model. Enhanced the proposition to market by developing it into a webbased entity. Enabled it to pick up a second wave of growth while decreasing costs and giving a far better end user experience. This also set the business up for a successful sale at a far better multiple of earnings. 

Le Tissier Eyewear

Successfully help establish a start up company that has a unique offering within a non-competitive space. Rapid growth of 30 % cent year on year through relationship building within the industry and a customer centric model to satisfy a genuine need. This is through selling the need and service rather than the product. Established multi-channel to market strategies. The company received an SME award for an innovative business plan.    



Transitioned an internal software development team to become an outsourse entity. Facilitated the structure of this company and maintained the operational governance until hand over. Changed the income model to multi offering to mitigate an over exposure to a single income stream. 


Implimented a process model and SOP that introduced efficencies within the business of 20% allowing the order to delivery to be completely web based increasing stock turn by 68%, while enhancing the end user experience with the product. Implemented reporting, measurement and strategy preparation which improved sales visibility and strategic management for all stakeholders.