Immersion Strategic MasterplanTM

Business Clarity and Future Certainty for SME's in 84 Days
This is a "do for you" program designed for your business

I will take you through an 84 day program that has been proven over many years to take you from "not knowing what to do with my business in the future" to "I have increased my Net Profit. Have clarity on how to create a valuable business and have certainty of what direction I am going in the future".


I will get information from you and ask you to complete a few exercises but the program is about obtaining information for you and presenting documents to you so we can build a profitable strategic plan together. The process also allows us to add Net Profit value as we go through the nine stages. 

This program is successfully proven by many of my clients. Simply "IT WORKS"

Immersion Group - SS2.jpg
What you will receive? (besides all my support)


You will receive detailed presentations in eight areas of your business. These presentations create the substance of your Strategic Plan.


  1. Owners Goals

  2. Staff Engagement Survey

  3. Clients Survey Results

  4. Competitor Analysis

  5. Financial Audit

  6. Business Disconnections Report

  7. Strategic Business Plan

  8. How to commence your plan