Greg Larsen Limited is a business advisory company dedicated to adding significant value to businesses with strong emphasis on growth, efficiency and sustainable competitive advantages. As a SME Entrepreneur and Business Advisor I assist clients in shaping their ideas into business proposition, supplement them in preparing a roadmap from strategic intent to realisable action plan and then support them in transforming their vision into a business reality. I deliver practical solutions that matter. With our (yes I have support from others) in-depth understanding of today's business landscape and its operating dynamics, I invest significant time and effort in developing a deep understanding of my client's needs. I promise you these are not just words.

As a SME Business advisor and analyst I take your business through a discovery process. Applying proven methodologies, benchmarking tools and various assessments, they help you fully understand the unique challenges and opportunities that you face. Some you may already know but some will be a surprise.


With my support team your success matters to all of us. I am here to help you realise your vision. My emphasis is on unlocking your full potential and as a result of that, creating new opportunities for your business. It is amasing what eyes from the outside can see.


I believe anybody can innovate and grow. I teach you the know how and help you realise that your organisation holds the dots within itself, and I will help you reconnect them. I will be there through the journey as a partner to your business. You are not left alone.

Simple - Proven  - Systematic - Measureable 


I utilise a comprehensive discovery process for your business, to provide insights on how your performance compares to the industry standards and to identify the areas of opportunity for business improvement. 


I believe I am highly experienced, having honed my skills in the real world. I am practical, street wise, results oriented and committed to the vision of building stronger New Zealand businesses. I love bringing a wealth of new ideas to you


I offer you  hands on world class training and development thatprogrammes to help you build and enhance that strong foundation and a blueprint for success which is required to transform into a high performing business.  I get my hands dirty.

Advisor Profile - Greg Larsen

As an SME Entrepreneur and Business Advisor, my philosophy is to be honest, objective and have no pre-conceived agenda. I do not use ‘cookie cutter’ approach. I treat each situation uniquely, tailoring my services and fee structure to meet each client's specific need.

You don't come to me, I come to you and become part of your team. The approach is to sit down, talk to you and take time to learn about your business. We then tailor our programme around your unique business needs and guide through the changes needed. You are not left on your own.

We believe in complete honesty with our clients. Not only do we address the positive aspects but we confront the ‘hard stuff’. Its not just about the numbers, its the story behind the numbers. 


I have been and currently are a business owner involved in many industry start up's that have been very successful. I am very proud of my track record. I have also had sleepless nights worried about how to pay the staff at the end of the week. While business can be pragmatic it is also emotional. I build everything around TRUST and being able to have empathy while being a partner in your business success.


I have the knack of listening to a companies engine and hearing what is required to help it and I love commercialising ideas for start ups.


Please see the About Me page for more details.

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