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Reconnect and Profit

#1 International Best-Seller in 4 Countries!


So your business isn’t performing where it should be, but you can’t quite put your finger on the problem or problems. Somewhere, somehow your business is experiencing disconnections that are dragging it down and dragging you down. In Reconnect and Profit we provide a staged process so that business owners can located “Interconnected disconnections” within their business, analyse the data, bond their team together, create an action plan, and implement the strategies required to increase growth and profit. To support you in enacting the concepts, we provide real-life client stories of success and some failures. The results from implementing the reconnection strategies will transform your business and, most significantly, increase your bottom line. Don’t sit idle and hope that your business will correct itself, read this book, so you can reconnect your business and up that profit today!

"I know have a happier and more inclusive team, which has created a more profitable business. Who knew what my competitors were up too. I do now." 
"Loved the book. Gave me motivation to move my business forward."
“Easy to follow staged process that certainly allowed me to make changes in my business, that increased profit.”
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